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Creative Arts Team

The Creative Arts Team inspires people to explore and engage in the truth of the Gospel creatively.

Our international team of skilled volunteers has a wide experience in the arts and provides high quality programmes for all the family including children clubs, youth and coffee bars, family fun days, theatre shows for schools, visual arts programmes and other special events.

As a Christian organisation, we help people engage with Bible stories and Christian values such as love, caring, and concern for others and the world in which they live. We have pioneered a range of programmes using the arts. Our desire is to enable artists to use their gifts and talents to share the message of hope we can all have in Jesus Christ.

The Creative Arts Team focuses on four areas of work:


OM Ireland's vintage double-decker bus travels throughout the country providing a range of activities for all ages in partnership with local churches and communities. Read more

Performing Arts

The Creative Arts Team offers multi-media theatre programmes in schools exploring the Christian celebrations of Christmas and Easter.  Drama, dance, puppets, music and other performing arts are used in churches and community events throughout the year.  Read more

Training in Creative Arts

OM Ireland offers a range of training resources and workshops to equip people to use creative teaching methods. A new partnership with One Way UK gives access to a wide range of materials and resource for puppetry.  Read more

Big Red Bus Replacement

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