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What a great Mystery!

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What a great Mystery!

At OM Ireland, the Creative Arts Team is hard at work on their new Easter production called “An Egg-cellent Mystery”.

This professional puppet show follows the story of two secret agents solving the mystery of the true meaning of Easter.

The interactive show helps kids explore the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and learn why Christians celebrate Easter.

Complete with a cast of fun characters, pro lighting, illusions and exciting songs, the show is sure to delight kids and parents alike.

The show will be performed in 16 primary schools, 5 churches, 2 community centers and 1 hotel, in 8 different counties. A special performance will take place in the Abbey Hotel Roscommon, on 14 April in aid of Join Our Boys Trust (

Team - Cat-smallPlease keep Ara (KR), JiHyun (KR), Jonny (USA), Junior (BR) and Vitor (BR) in prayer as they tour around Ireland from 30 March to 17 April. Pray for team unity, strength and good health.

Also pray for aspects of the team’s journey from show to show. This includes reliability of the vehicle, safety on the road and durability of their set.

Finally, pray that many will respond to the Gospel message and experience the true reason of Jesus’ death and resurrection

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TKA Team 2014

TKAteam3In this season of new growth and forward momentum, OM Ireland is looking to the future and moving forward with new ministry opportunities.

One of these opportunities is expanding youth work throughout local communities and reaching out to kids in schools and partnering with local churches to minister to youth.

An opportunity to help grow this ministry came in early March, with the visit of a short-term team from The King’s Academy, a school from the U.S. The high school group, made up of 21 volunteers, spent their time visiting local schools and doing outreach with the Big Red Bus in Carrick-on-Shannon, as well as schools in Castlerea and Sligo that OM Ireland had never before been involved with.

In all three towns, the team was invited to lead the religious education classes for three days. They talked about healthy relationships with God, others and self, and loving God with all your heart, mind and strength. The American students even had the opportunity to share their personal testimonies, and OM Ireland leaders shared the Gospel and prayed with the teens. Especially in Castlerea, where there isn’t much of an evangelical presence in the community, the students listened intently as they were presented with the Good News.

“I was able to see how hungry people are for an experience with God,”said Brad, one of the Academy volunteers.

The outreach team also organised small groups with the teens, where the short-termers had the opportunity to better connect with the local students. In these groups, the American teens shared about their own struggles with faith and real-life issues like eating disorders, underage drinking and self-harm.

“It was amazing to see how God placed the perfect team members to meet the perfect people who needed to hear their exact testimonies,”said Cheryl, Youth Work leader at OM Ireland. “From self-harm to battling with God’s existence, our teens poured out their stories of how God met them in their points of need time and time again to eager listeners.”

In conjunction with the school outreaches, the team took to the streets in the Big Red Bus, connecting with the teens they’d met in the schools. Combining efforts with local church communities, they were able to build on the relationships and share stories about how God had changed team members’lives.

The response to the Big Red Bus was enthusiastic, and the Sligo city council was supportive, blocking off a place in a parking lot for the bus to park on Ash Wednesday. All day, team members chatted with visitors, helped in the cafe the local church organises and handed out tracts.

With such positive responses, the Academy team was encouraged, especially after the teachers told them how much they appreciated the team visiting their classes.

“The first years had a great day, and you provided food for thought and focus for other inquisitive students, as well,”the chaplain at the Castlerea school told the team.

OM Ireland hopes to foster these new relationships and build on them throughout the spring and summer in preparation for the full-time youth work team that will launch in autumn of 2014.

“In Ireland, word of mouth is important,”said Cheryl, explaining how the Academy team investing in these three schools can open doors to new schools through recommendations. “It’s very much about coming alongside the kids in the school and presenting the Gospel. To stand by and watch that happen in the schools gets me excited.”

And presenting the Gospel to youth is exactly how OM Ireland wants to move forward in 2014. Local schools provide an opportunity to meet kids where they are every day and proclaim the Good News to students who might have never heard before. God is moving in Ireland, and the OM team is actively working to be part of the change.

If you are involved with youth work in Ireland and are interested in OM partnering with your organisation or school, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Christmas Shows 2013

Children are encouraged to “Pass The Parcel”

Christmastime has come again and for the Creative Arts team at OM Ireland, only one Gift will satisfy.

"The greatest Gift of all [Jesus] is available to everyone,” said Creative Arts Coordinator, Junior De Larina. 
“Many simply haven’t received Him."

In hopes that more would receive Jesus, the Creative Arts team crafted “Pass the Parcel,” a multimedia production that 
shares the gospel through 45 minutes of drama, puppetry, music, and illusions.

This year, children meet a furry orange monster called Ben, who finds a mysterious Christmas parcel. 
Unsure if he should open it, Ben embarks on a quest that ultimately leads him to the center of the Christmas story and 
the greatest Gift any person can receive.

“The aim of ‘Pass the Parcel’ is to help kids remember what Christmas is truly all about," said De Larina.

Therefore, each act builds on the truth of the gospel, which is brought together in the final scene when viewers hear 
from John 1:12, “…to all who did receive Him, to those who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God”

“Pass the Parcel” will take place in 21 schools, seven churches, and two community centres around Ireland—it’s estimated that over 4,000 people will hear the Gospel by the conclusion of the three-week tour.Creative Arts Team

Additionally, for the first time in the shows history, a national Irish television station, RTE, will film and broadcast “Pass the Parcel” to an audience of over 180,000!

International viewers are also welcome to tune in to the show on Sunday, Dec. 22, at at (11:10am) GMT.

Please keep Junior, Rafael, Vitor (BR); Ara (KR); and Caleb, Jonny, and David (US) in prayer as the tour around Ireland from 1-22 Dec. 2013.  The team of seven will need unity, extra strength, and good health with their busy schedule.

Please also pray for aspects of the team’s journey from show to show. This includes reliability of the vehicle, safety on the road, and durability of their set.

Finally, pray that many will respond to the gospel message in “Pass the Parcel” and experience the true reason for 
Christmas for the first time this year.

For other Creative Arts initiatives, including a touring Easter show in 2014, please check out

Participants have a plan of action but rely on God to act

impact logoWe can prepare for months. We can plan the programme, organise accommodation, make nametags, and decide what to eat. We can plan to make an impact, but we can’t plan what impact we make. That’s up to God. 

OM Ireland’s summer outreach revolved around the theme “ACT,” taken from the verse found in Psalm 37:5. Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him, and he will act. 

Screen shot 2013-08-09 at 2.46.46 PM

Thirty-eight participants from around the world gathered at OM Ireland’s base, Lacken House, for a few days of training before being sent out to partner with churches. Training included studying theological topics like “What is the Gospel?” and evangelism as well as training in creative arts areas such as face painting and dramas. 

The participants were then split into five teams based on location: Shannon, Carlow, Athlone, Ballycullen and the Big Red Bus team, which travelled between the teams and spent a weekend in Westport. 

Each team did ministry unique to their location. The Athlone team spent their week in a park sharing the Gospel, painting kid’s faces, hosting Children’s programmes and more. With great weather and record high temperatures, the park was crowded with people. God led a young man to the park so team member Yasmin (AUS) could share with him. 

“It was amazing how receptive he was,” explained Yasmin. “He quickly understood his need for God’s forgiveness and wanted to receive that gift of salvation Jesus offers. It was like he was really ripe for harvest. When we asked him if he would like to pray and submit his life to Jesus, he said ‘yes’ and he prayed to receive Jesus. We are really praying that he would make steps to continue growing in his relationship with Jesus.” 

The teams discovered the importance of listening to God. They had to be prepared to listen to God’s voice, even when they were planning on doing something else. Dave (N-IRE) on the Shannon team was preparing to do dramas with his team.

“I noticed this guy walking by. He was big and scary looking, but the Lord said to me, ‘Don’t worry about what he looks like, just go and speak to him,’” said Dave. “I ran over and put a tract in his hand and asked him to read it. We got chatting, and he told me his story. I shared the Gospel with him, and I wanted to pray with him. He told me he had anxiety and asked if God would take that away, so I put my hand on him and asked God to really minister to him.

Screen shot 2013-08-09 at 2.48.43 PM“You could see the Holy Spirit was at work and his heart opened up, and he burst into tears,” continued Dave. “I called over the pastor and he prayed for him and again, he flooded with tears. The next day after church he came over, and had lots of questions. We opened up the scriptures and went from Genesis right through for three hours. It was amazing to see how God was at work.” 

Participants saw God act in many different ways, and even noticed how He had worked in their own hearts. “I can honestly say that God’s Spirit is alive and on the move in Ireland!” Said participant Lucy (N-IRE), “These have been two of the most challenging but rewarding weeks of my life. God is faithful!” 

Please continue to pray for the work done in Shannon, Carlow, Athlone, Ballycullen and Westport during Impact Ireland, and pray for the work that still continues in these areas. Pray that those who heard the Gospel will continue to grow in their understanding of Christ. 

DSC 3563

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Trash Talk

crosswalk 2013

"Does God really love me?"


With personal links to OM Ireland, a team from First Baptist Church Woodstock (FBCW) in the USA partnered with Cork Church for a week of outreach in Cork City Centre. Their time was filled with street evangelism, testimonies, worship, skits and a midweek service.

Team member Devin talked to a man who didn’t believe in God because of the horrible things he experienced in his life. “His dad abused him as a young kid and his mom died,” said Devin.

 “He didn’t think a loving God could allow such horrible things to happen to him. I was able to explain how sin, pain, and sorrow didn’t exist in the beginning. The world was perfect, but sin entered because of Adam and Eve. I was able to tell him God actually loves him and deeply cares about him. All of the horrible things on the earth happen because of sin. He said, ‘Wow, I’ve never heard that before. Does God really love me?’ I was able to share the Gospel with him and just show him the love of Christ. He had never actually heard the Gospel, and that blew me away.”

 “It was really cool to share with so many people who just never really heard the Gospel for what it truly is,” commented team member, Daniel. “I had a conversation with two girls who really struggled believing in God because of their past experiences, so I shared with them the Gospel and I could tell it really touched them.

The team from FBCW also grew in their faith and trust in Jesus during this time.

“This trip was the first time ever sharing my faith. It challenged me on so many levels,” commented team member Ashlee. “Although I got rejected more times than I can count, on two occasions God’s message seemed to come clear to people. One Thursday my friend and I prayed with three girls who said they wanted a personal relationship with God.”

Please pray for the FBCW team and the people they shared the Gospel with in Cork. Also pray for Cork Church, who continues the work there on a daily basis.

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