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Serve for Longer

You could be:

  • World_MissionsServing on board one of OM's Ships.
  • Joining the challenging training programme in South Africa.
  • Taking part in stretching adventure programmes in Chile or New Zealand.
  • Serving with community relief projects in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Southern Africa or the Middle East.
  • Using your practical or professional skills to transform lives and communities (as a mechanic or cook, a secretary or journalist, a computer programmer or an accountant...etc.)

One and two-year opportunities are available depending on where you would like to service. Some countries also offer opportunities for 6 months. We are looking for people of all ages who are willing to serve and ready to build relationships with people from other cultures and nationalities.

Use Your Professional Skills

If you are qualified and willing to serve for any reasonable length of time in a specialized capacity, we have a place for you in many corners of the world. Try and surprise us with what you do and we'll surprise you with where we can use you.Most of those joining in this way are more experienced and professionally qualified, but we still provide training, especially in language-learning and cross-cultural ministry. We're particularly looking for specialised staff in some of our offices and for church-planting and community development work in "restricted access"countries.

Please note: there are no salaries paid for these jobs/opportunities. People joining OM have to raise financial support to cover their living expenses while serving with OM. This financial support usually comes through gifts from their home churches and other supporters.