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Big Red Bus project

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"What's Wrong With the Bus?" Video

The Ministry

Vehicle Replacement

Funding / Budget

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"What's Wrong With the Bus?" Video


The Ministry

Watch our Big Red Bus promotional video here!

The Big Red Bus has become the unofficial mascot of OM Ireland. Mike Mullins, former OM Ships' crewmember, launched the Big Red Bus in 1999 with a group of friends and supporters, as well as short-term teams. They ran children's clubs and other Gospel programmes alongside different churches around Ireland.

When Mike was asked to become the leader of OM Ireland (launched in 2002), the Big Red Bus became an essential part of the evangelistic ministry of OM Ireland.

Hundreds of international participants have served on board the bus through our various short-term opportunities. The bus allows for a variety of ministry platforms including kids clubs, tea and coffee bars on the streets, prayer drives, movie nights, puppet shows and more.

Working in partnership with Irish churches, the team takes the bus to different parts of Ireland to share the Gospel through weeklong outreaches.



Vehicle ReplacementBRB progression

The current vehicle has been in service since 1974 and was previously used as a city bus in England and Scotland. In the early 90's, the Associated Bus Ministry purchased the vehicle and started to use it for Christian Ministry. A few structure modifications were made and a small kitchen unit was fitted downstairs. Towards the end of 1999, ownership was passed to Mike Mullins in Ireland, where major modifications took place.

Over the years, Volunteers have helped adapt and maintain the vehicle for ministry. Currently the vehicle is in need of major engine, structural, and aesthetic repairs, which in total are not cost effective and would not demonstrate good stewardship to invest in the work needed.

A new bus is needed to continue and develop our bus ministry.

The new bus will provide a unique platform for reaching the lost, as well as enabling church members in Ireland to be better equipped and mobilised through this unique ministry tool.




OM Ireland bears the ongoing costs of running the bus ministry. As a registered charity, these costs are covered by generous donations from OM's partners in Ireland and around the world.

Our vision is to raise funds to purchase, customise and put into service a new vehicle in 2012

Critical Funding Need:

  • US $18,000 (€12,000) is need for the purchase of a new vehicle.
  • US $34,500 (€23,000) is need for a customisation of a new bus in order that the bus will be properly equipped for the unique ministry programmes that are run on board the bus.


A Capital Item in the $500 to $2000 Range:

  • A $1,500 gift would pay for promotional videos and brochures that will be used to promote the bus ministry to churches/schools in Ireland.
brb budget2
Keep track of our progress! Help us complete the bus! (see below to get involved) 
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Take Action - Get Involved!

This project needs you! Without the financial support of donors, it is impossible for us to further this key ministry tool in Ireland. Please pray about the possibility of becoming a donor. Certainly any amount can make a BIG difference!

Ways to give*:

Take our...
 600 challenge_2We need 80 churches and/or individuals to commit to raising 600 euro throughout the year. This would help us meet our goals. Are you up to the challenge? If you have questions, e-mail Junior DeLarina. To take the challenge, follow the "How to give" instructions below! 



  • Commit to a regular gift (this helps our ongoing costs and ministry activities)
  • Give a one-off donation:
    • Operation: US $50 (€35) will cover the cost of 10km (fuel, admin. and resources)
    • Purchase: US $500 (€335) will represent one square metre of the new bus.
    • Customisation: US $2000 (€1,335) will help us customise three square metres.

Why not encourage your church, Sunday school group, youth group, or other groups you know of to raise funds for this project! The group could: do a voluntary car wash; run a special dinner event; have a special collection box or a special collection day at church. The ideas are endless!

How to give*:

  • send us a cheque made payable to:

OM Ireland
Lacken House
Co. Roscommon

contact your local OM Office here. Some countries might have a tax refund option.

*Please, all donations should be specifed as "Big Red Bus Replacement Project - Ireland"